Connecting Employers with Talented and Career-Ready Graduates

The Indiana Career Hub provides employers one-stop access to talented and career-ready graduates from Indiana’s 31 private colleges and universities.

Coordinated by the Independent Colleges of Indiana, this service for employers is free-of-charge and serves as an addition to the career services already offered at each of Indiana’s private colleges and universities.

100K Students + Alumni
31 ICI Member Institutions

for recruiters

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  • Job and Internship Postings to all 31 ICI campuses
  • Interview Scheduling made easy
  • Interview Rooms at the downtown ICI Center (30 South Meridian St., Indianapolis)
  • "Huddle" Videoconferencing Stations for broadcast presentations and interviews with candidates
  • FAQ’s
If your company would like to learn more about the ICI Career Hub please contact ICI at or call 317-236-6090


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the interview scheduling feature?

Please contact ICI. FAQ Web contact coming soon.

What is the Huddle Videoconferencing feature?

Please contact ICI. FAQ Web contact coming soon.

How long does it take a job to become visible to a student?

Please contact ICI. FAQ Web contact coming soon.