The Indiana Academy exists to to promote the advancement of Indiana through the Academy’s support of the Independent Colleges of Indiana, Inc., and its member institutions.  The Academy achieves this by periodically recognizing and inducting into its membership Hoosiers in or from the state who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in philanthropy, business, public service, advancement of the sciences, the arts, literature, culture, and scholarship in connection with Indiana’s independent non-profit colleges and universities, and by focusing the public’s attention on the importance of Indiana’s private, non-profit colleges and universities to the richness of the life, culture, and economy of Indiana.

The Academy is maintained through the support of the Tony and Mary Fendrich Hulman Endowment Fund and donations from members of The Indiana Academy. Established in 1983, this fund perpetuates The Academy as a source of inspiration and strength. All who value The Academy are grateful for the generosity and goodwill expressed by the Endowment and members of The Academy.

The Indiana Academy was founded in 1970 by the Independent Colleges of Indiana Foundation, which officially became part of the Independent Colleges of Indiana when the two organizations merged in July 2005.

The 2017 inductees into The Indiana Academy


As in the case of The French Academy, the definite article “the” is part of the name of The Indiana Academy. The Academy’s three initials (TIA) form the basis of the symbol that has been humanized with a face and out-stretched arms. Each of the images medallion represents the following:

Dove: the human spirit and religion
Lyre: music
Male profile (bust of Benjamin Harrison): history, the importance of his family in the annals of Indiana
Female profile (Mona Lisa): painting and the graphic arts
Compass: engineering
Mortar and pestle: science
Monument: architecture, patriotism, and love of Indiana
Open book: education
Radiant face: The Academy’s motto (“Eudaemonia”)

The Indiana Academy