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10 New Year's Resolutions for College Students
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Meet Katie, the summer 2016 ICI Intern: I’m Katie Goodrich, a senior journalism major at an ICI member campus. I believe in grammar, justice and the right to ice cream. I am fluent in English, sarcasm and gibberish. My talents include an incredible memory for '90s song lyrics, power naps and having just enough bad luck to produce great anecdotes.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

December 27, 2016


Tis the season for reflecting and making changes, so here are some resolutions for all the college kids out there.


1. Get more sleep.

 Isn’t this the dream? Well, if you follow some of the other resolutions on this list, you will find yourself with more time to spend sleeping. College kids are notoriously sleep-deprived, especially during midterms and finals. But sleep is super important for a person’s mental and physical health, so here’s to sneaking in more naps during 2017.


2. Don’t start papers the night before the deadline.

Get ahead of the game and start papers or projects before the deadline is staring you in the face. I’m not saying start the day it’s assigned – that might be too much. Do an outline, work on a section at a time and leave yourself time to proofread and revise it before turning it in.


3. Get (and stay) organized.

 “I will get my life together.” I have told myself this too many times to count, but maybe next semester will be the one where it actually happens. Get a planner you actually like and will use. Hook up Google calendar to make sure you don’t triple book yourself on a Thursday afternoon.


4. Actually do the readings.

 Professors assign readings for almost every class period, but how many students actually do it? Reading the course materials makes the class sessions more productive and less painful because students can actually answer the prof’s questions. Start with skimming the text first if this seems like too much for you to handle.


5. Watch less Netflix.

This sounds like a knife in the heart, but this is not quitting cold turkey. This is merely watching in moderation. Give yourself a limit on how many episodes you can watch during a day (which you can ignore on weekends of course).  Spend the extra 22 or 45 minutes to work on that paper or skim the reading.

college students ride bikes

6. Be more involved.

Join a club or attend more sporting events and lectures. Say hi to that one person you pass every single day on the way to class. Follow some student groups on Twitter and Facebook, so you can go to one of their events. It’s your campus, so get out there and act like it. 


7. Hang out with friends more.

College is an awesome time to make friends because there are so many interesting people all around you doing the same thing you are. Make time to hang out with the people in your life. You’ll make some memories, have some laughs and forget about studying for a little bit. (And make sure you spend time with the graduating seniors before they leave.)


8. Stop spending tons of money on fast food. 

 This should be self-explanatory. Your budget probably won’t cover daily coffee purchases, pizza every other night and treat yo’self Saturdays. Go to a grocery store and buy healthier food for less money. Or at least cut back.


9. Say yes to adventures.

People say no too often. College is the time to explore, whether it’s studying abroad or being a tourist in your college town. Use that extra cash to buy tickets to a concert or day trip to a nearby city. If your friends ask you to go to McDonald’s at 2 a.m., do it. Just say yes to those tiny experiences that you might end up remembering forever.


10. Be healthier.

 The classic New Year’s resolution. Eat healthier, lose weight, run a 5K, be able to walk to the third floor without losing my breath. Whatever your health goal is, reach for it. Say no to the third scoop of ice cream in the dining hall. Go to the gym one time a week. Find a running buddy. Pick one small change to make and stick with it.


Let’s see how long these will last. Cheers to 2017!

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