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Two graduates hugging at commencement with a bubble that reads Indiana Private College Week July 15 – 17, 2024.

Indiana Private College Week: July 15–19

Private College Week is a great time to explore campuses through online or in-person visits. Students and families can visit any of the 29 colleges and universities to take campus tours, connect with admissions and financial aid advisors, talk with professors, learn about campus life, and chat with current students. Which campuses will you visit? 

No Fortune Teller Necessary

Census data shows pathways, paychecks for college grads

ICI GradFacts is an online tool that provides key information on earnings, median student loan debt, and employment after graduation from Independent Colleges of Indiana member institutions. This free tool is great for college and career planning.

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ICI Supports

Private Colleges & Universities by:


state & federally funded financial aid


about Indiana’s private colleges & their impact on the state


increasing financial and academic effectiveness


& grants like the Lilly Endowment Scholarship
Indiana has 29 private, nonprofit colleges and universities, each with their own mission statement and personality. These institutions make up the membership of Independent Colleges of Indiana, and we serve them in a variety of ways, from lobbying for student financial aid to administering scholarships their students can apply for.

Fast Facts

ICI students have the HIGHEST FOUR-YEAR, on-time graduation rates in Indiana
LESS THAN FOUR PERCENT of Indiana’s total higher budget (non-capital) goes to ICI students with financial need
32% OF INDIANA’S BA DEGREES, are earned by ICI college students