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Realizing The Dream

Realizing a dream takes commitment, hard work, and, most often, a helping hand from family and others. And that’s exactly what these 30 students from Indiana’s private, non-profit colleges and universities are celebrating.

These students have realized the dream of being the first in their families to attend college, have been selected by their colleges for outstanding achievement in the freshman year, and are successfully advancing towards completing their bachelor’s degrees. Each recipient shares what it means to them to be a first-generation college student and gives thanks to an influential educator in the videos below.

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Indiana has 30 private, nonprofit colleges and universities, each with their own mission statement and personality. These institutions make up the membership of Independent Colleges of Indiana, and we serve them in a variety of ways, from lobbying for student financial aid to administering scholarships their students can apply for.

Fast Facts

ICI students have the HIGHEST FOUR-YEAR, on-time graduation rates in Indiana
LESS THAN FOUR PERCENT of Indiana’s total higher budget (non-capital) goes to ICI students with financial need
32% OF INDIANA’S BA DEGREES, are earned by ICI college students

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Read profiles of the thirty private colleges in Indiana, including statistics and supporting information on the quality, affordability, accessibility, and financial aid of each school. The Guidebook also includes information about what makes independent higher education special, including Includes tips for making the financial aid process easier and how to find the best college fit.

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