5 Ways to Thrive During Finals

December 6, 2016

Exam season brings lots of stress, but it doesn’t have to be the most awful week ever. These tips will help you survive and thrive.

Stay organized

The first step to passing all your finals is doing all your finals. Make a list of what you have to turn in for each class and when they’re due or when the final exam is. You don’t need to write down each step, because that might stress you out. Just be sure to have all the deadlines and exam times in one place so you can keep track of everything.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Your schedule doesn’t have to be super rigid, but set deadlines for yourself. If you have a take home final due Tuesday at midnight, maybe you want to have a draft done on Monday that you can edit and revise on Tuesday. And make sure to schedule some time just for you to relax, whether that’s Netflix, going to the gym or grabbing lunch with your friends. Breaks are important, because they revitalize you and keep you rested and productive.

Two students looking at a book on a campus.

Focus on the positive

Do not buy into the doom and gloom of finals week. It is definitely stressful, but if you answer every ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ with a negative dreadful response, your brain will start to buy it more and more. Celebrate the small victories like turning in a paper or a really fun study break. Remind yourself of the good things in life and the week won’t seem so terrible.

Take care of yourself

It will be tempting to eat everything in sight and say nothing counts, but your body won’t like you very much. Absolutely treat yourself to ice cream when you finish an exam, but keep it to a bowlful instead of the whole tub. Eat an orange and drink some fluids to keep away any illnesses. Get enough sleep. Take a nap to recharge in the middle of a study session.

Reward yourself when you finish

Plan something to look forward to right after you finish your finals. Grab dinner from your favorite restaurant with some friends. Host a movie night in your room for everyone celebrating being done. Treat yourself, because knowing you’ll end on a positive note will help you get through the week.

So good luck and finish strong!

Katie Goodrich

Meet Katie, the summer 2016 ICI intern: I’m Katie Goodrich, a senior journalism major at an ICI member campus. I believe in grammar, justice and the right to ice cream. I am fluent in English, sarcasm and gibberish. My talents include an incredible memory for ’90s song lyrics, power naps and having just enough bad luck to produce great anecdotes.