A Resource for Counselors

ICI works hard to be a resource for counselors and their students seeking information about going to college. Our mission is to help your students get all the information they need to find the best fit college for them. See what resources we offer for counselors below, and contact Jen Zentz, director of strategic communications, at or 317-236-6082 if you have questions or suggestions for new resources.

College Q&A Toolkit

The College Q&A Toolkit is a one-stop shop with answers to the questions students have about college. Watch videos – made by representatives from Indiana’s 30 private colleges and universities – that answer questions like:

  • Can I afford to go to a private college?
  • What does “liberal arts” mean?
  • How and where can I find scholarships?
  • and more!

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ICI Counselor Tour

Experience for yourself—and for your students—the unique flavors of Indiana’s independent colleges and universities. High school counselors and independent counselors are invited to join us for the ICI Counselor Tour program, sponsored by the Independent Colleges of Indiana and designed specifically to meet the needs of counselors and other adults assisting students with the college choice and admission process.

From June 8–10, 2020, the tour will visit:

  • Anderson University
  • Butler University
  • Earlham College
  • Franklin College
  • Hanover College
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • University of Indianapolis

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Counselor Update from ICI

Interested in getting the latest news from Indiana’s private colleges and universities? What about having resources made just for high school counselors to use with students? We’ve got you covered.

Counselor Update from ICI is an email sent once a month from Jen Zentz, ICI’s director of strategic communications and counselor liaison. Our goal is to be a resource for high school counselors helping students get ready for college.


Order Copies of the ICI Guidebook

The theme for the 2019–2020 edition of the ICI Guidebook is “Thirty for One: Your Best College Fit.” We want to give students an opportunity to find their best first at one of Indiana’s 30 private, nonprofit colleges and universities, and they can take their first steps to doing so by browsing through the ICI Guidebook.

The Guidebook provides profiles of Indiana’s 30 private, nonprofit colleges and universities, as well as information about the college selection process and the unique benefits of an independent higher education.

This is a free resource that we encourage you to share with your students. If you would like to request copies of the Guidebook for your school or business, either contact Linda Meador ( / 317-236-6088) or place an online order below.

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Find a Major

The ICI Majors Directory lists every major offered by each of Indiana’s 30 private colleges and universities—and there are more than 400!

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Find a Sport

Look through the ICI Sports Directory to find out which sports are offered by Indiana’s private colleges and universities. They offer everything from basketball, to football or soccer, golf, lacrosse, and more!

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Plan a Campus Visit

Is one of your students looking to visit one of Indiana’s 30 private colleges? Look no further! This resource has information on how to schedule a visit to each campus.

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Financial Aid for DACA & Undocumented Students

DACA and Undocumented students are able to receive financial aid from Indiana’s private colleges. Click below to see who to contact at each of Indiana’s private colleges and universities about going to college.

DACA y estudiantes indocumentados pueden recibir ayuda financiera de las universidades privadas de Indiana. Haga clic a continuación para ver a quién contactar en cada una de las universidades privadas de Indiana sobre cómo ir a la universidad.

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Private College Week

Private College Week is a chance for students to imagine their future at any one of Indiana’s 30 private, nonprofit colleges and universities. Stay tuned for information on Private College Week 2020!

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Indiana Community Foundations

Indiana’s Community Foundations are a great resource for scholarships and other information regarding going to college.

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