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2014 BVF Grant Awardees
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The judging panel selected the following submissions for funding:

  1. Butler University (Indianapolis) is directing its $25,000 award to fund the “Butler Early Language and Literacy (BELL): An Innovative Program for Young Children.”  The purpose of the BELL program for young children is to prevent reading failure.  BELL addresses the difficulty that language-delayed children have in learning to read.  BELL is innovative because it 1) focuses on teaching early literacy skills along with spoken language skills; 2) includes students as assistants in the program; 3) uses music and art as integral activities; and 4) incorporates therapy dogs as part of the regular program.
  2. Marian University (Indianapolis) is directing its $25,000 award to establish the "Marian University Student Managed Venture Fund Program.”  This venture fund will be managed by students and faculty as part of the University's new curriculum and will be used to invest in Indiana start-up companies.  Through this fund, Marian students will gain access to the Indiana start-up community and be provided with opportunities to engage with new, high growth businesses.  In addition to evaluating Indiana businesses as possible investments, their students will gain access to a variety of follow-up projects and internships.
  3. Saint Joseph's College (Rensselaer) is directing its $25,000 award to "Promoting Internship Opportunities Through Educational Collaborations in Northwest Indiana.”  As part of the Lilly Endowment's Initiative to Promote Opportunities Through Educational Collaborations, Ancilla College, Calumet College of St. Joseph, Saint Joseph's College, and Valparaiso University are working collaboratively to provide career services that will increase the number of graduates who obtain employment in Indiana.