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7 Ways To Be a Good Roommate
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this is some writing to create a space Meet Chloe, one of our summer 2017 ICI Interns:I’m Chloe Alexander, a recent graduate of an ICI member campus, where I studied Communications and History. You’ll find me in a library, coffee shop, or thrift store. I speak primarily in English, but also in Spanish with a terrible accent, FRIENDS quotes, and Disney song lyrics. I strive to make my mark on the world by writing, traveling, reading, engaging in critical thinking, and enjoying the arts. Ask me about my adorable dog and I will talk to you for a minimum of an hour. 

 7 Ways To Be a Good Roommate

January 3, 2018

Coming back from break will mean that you have to find a rhythm with your roommate again. Here are a few ways to stay on good terms.


1. Make sure you have ground rules. Set up a roommate agreement at the beginning of the year that covers everything from chores to be done and a shower schedule. That way later if there are conflicts, you can refer to the agreement for solving issues.

2. Be courteous of your roommate’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital for college students. Make sure that early in the morning and late in the evening you aren’t turning bright lights on, letting your alarm go off for an hour straight, or making lots of distracting noise with a coffee maker or blow dryer.

3. Know what might bother them. Allergies can be set off by the littlest things, so make sure you know what scents or food they might be sensitive to and do your best to avoid them.

4. Pay attention to little things. Do you know your roomie’s favorite candy? Could you order them their favorite drink at the coffee shop? Make an effort to take the extra step to be a great roommate.

5. Respect their need for alone time. I’m sure that your roommate loves you dearly, but sometimes people need to be away from everyone and everything. Talk with your roommate and figure out how you both can get some time in your room without each other if needed.

6. Know what you can borrow. Some people don’t mind sharing their clothes, while others will get super frustrated if you keep stealing their snacks. Be honest with your roommate about what you’re ok with them touching to avoid any issues that might come up.

7. Always have open communication. You have to live with this person 24/7, so don’t ignore problems and hope that they get better. Have a conversation when things are bad. Avoid being passive aggressive, or constantly complaining to others about your roommate.


Your roommate has the potential to be your best friend or just someone you live with. Doing some of these things will help you cultivate a great relationship with the person you live with, and will make day-to-day life easier. 

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