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Easy Organization Tips
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this is some writing to create a space Meet Chloe, one of our summer 2017 ICI Interns:I’m Chloe Alexander, a recent graduate of an ICI member campus, where I studied Communications and History. You’ll find me in a library, coffee shop, or thrift store. I speak primarily in English, but also in Spanish with a terrible accent, FRIENDS quotes, and Disney song lyrics. I strive to make my mark on the world by writing, traveling, reading, engaging in critical thinking, and enjoying the arts. Ask me about my adorable dog and I will talk to you for a minimum of an hour. 

 Easy Organization Tips

November 29, 2017 

 Staying organized in college can be hard. Here are a few tips for keeping your life together.


Control your inbox. You will read and send emails every day in college. It’s the easiest and most common form of communication between your professors, administration, and other students, so making sure that it is easy for you to use is important. Try making folders in your inbox for the things that you use most often. For example, I had a folder for emails that I got about student government, and another one relating to any of the teaching assistant work that I did. Also try deleting any emails that you don’t need right away. Your inbox will fill up fast, but deleting unnecessary things will make it easier for you to find the emails that are actually important.


Always keep your class material together. Between textbooks, essays, quizzes, lecture notes, and exams, you will handle a lot of different things for your classes. My tip here is to always have those things in one place. Have a binder to keep any handouts or returned quizzes in. If you type your notes, keep one folder on your computer to save them all. If you prefer to handwrite during lectures, have one notebook that you always use, so you’re not searching through multiple notebooks before class to find the notes from last class period. Having your classwork scattered throughout three or four different places is just making it harder on yourself.


Clean your room at least once a week. Not only will this make your roommate like you more, but it will also help you to keep the rest of your life organized a bit better. Having a clean place to come back to at the end of the day will allow you to clear your mind a bit better and be more organized overall. So make your bed, pick up your laundry, clean the bathroom, do the dishes, organize your desk, and take out the trash.


Know who to contact. Know all the relevant emergency numbers for the area that your school is in. But also know who to contact with what problems at your school. You don’t want to waste time talking to the business office when the person who has the answers works in financial aid. As a student, I kept a notecard taped to my desk that had extension numbers and emails for the nurse’s office, my academic advisor, professors that I interacted with routinely, the student affairs office and the business office. Whenever I had a problem or needed to reach out to someone, I wouldn’t have to hunt through the website or staff directory to find the person I was looking for.

Keep a planner. This is advice I shouldn’t have to give you, but here’s a reminder anyway. Getting a calendar and writing down everything will help you stay organized. Put your work shifts in it. Copy down your due dates for assignments. Schedule time to talk to your advisor or mentor. Plan time for friends. Being able to see everything that you are responsible for will help you see big picture and not miss the details.


Have an online system. A lot of college life involves technology in some way or another nowadays. So make sure that your online life is organized too. One way that I did this was making sure I knew where everything was backed up. I kept my photos on iCloud, but all of my class documents on Google Drive. You, your friends or your roommate may have a completely different system, and that’s ok. Just make sure that you know which email you gave to which person, where to look to find all of your stuff, and remember to review your social media every once in a while.


Keep track of the seasons. If you live somewhere with a lot of season changes, make sure you are prepared for them at the right times. Don’t let your winter coat take up a bunch of space at the front of your closet if it’s not going to snow for another three months. And if it got hot suddenly and you don’t have any shorts and t-shirts, you won’t be comfortable. Pay attention to when your breaks fall. If you can swap out your clothes at Thanksgiving or spring break, do it!


Know what your week looks like. Make sure you go to the right class at the right time, and that you haven’t skipped a work shift. Try to organize your day, if you can, to be out on campus for longer stretches of time. If you have one class in the morning and one in the afternoon, try avoiding going back to your room between them. Hang out at a coffee shop and get some homework done, instead of returning to the dorm and being tempted to nap. Do your errands or get groceries right after your work shift. Scheduling larger blocks of time to be out and be home will help your week feel less hectic.


Hopefully these tips will help you stay a bit more organized and make your college life a little bit easier! 


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