Taking College For a Test Spin: The Campus Visit

"Making a college visit is like test-driving a car: it gives you the opportunity to feel it out and decide whether or not it will be the best and most successful option in getting from Point A to Point B. While part of both test-driving a car and visiting a campus is seeing how you "fit," another part is experiencing it firsthand and having the chance to ask questions to professionals."

ICI intern and Franklin College senior Ann Gilly wrote a Perspectives article for Inside INdiana Business about the importance of the campus visit. Read about her experience and why she thinks it is imperative to the college selection process HERE.

"I love my private college because one of the most common words I hear is 'familiy.' Whether you're searching for career opportunities, having personal problems or struggling in a class, there is always someone there for you -- oftentimes it's an entire group. Departments are family, faculty are family, organizations are family, the entire campus is a family, and I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything."
-Danielle Faczan '16

“When I started looking at colleges, I had no idea what a liberal arts education was. But once I did a little more research, I knew that it was the kind of education I wanted to pursue. Attending a private liberal arts college has offered me the opportunity to take classes outside of my major that I would have never considered without having them as a required part of my curriculum. It has been a wonderful experience and I have been able to open my mind and converse with students, faculty, and staff about a multitude of topics and how they relate to each other and the real world.”
-Ann Gilly '15

“When searching for the college that was the right fit for me, I was most attracted to schools that offered small class sizes where professors could provide individual attention. I found this at a private, liberal arts school where the professors truly care about the well-being of their students and the student body works collaboratively both in the class room as well as through extra-curricular involvement. As a recent graduate, I cherish the memories that I made at a small, private school. Most importantly, the abundance of financial aid offered by my institution and the state government made my 4-year degree affordable.”
-Adam Davis '14

“Going on college visits was what really brought me to my college choice. I was looking at some larger institutions, and at first glimpse, my eventual private school choice did not catch my eye. But visiting the campus and meeting with students, faculty, and coaches was what won me over. It was key for me to experience the campus numerous times before I could make my decision. Now, going into my senior year, I am really thankful I made the choice that I did. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
-Scott Morrison ’14

“The reason I chose an Indiana private college for my undergraduate work was I liked the idea of smaller class sizes and a close-knit student body. At the time I had no idea how much this would impact my college education and increase my love for the school. Many times I have gone to meet with my religious studies advisor and our scheduled 30-minute meeting turned into a two hour discussion. I love walking around campus and knowing most of the people. You can sense the family atmosphere everywhere on campus, and it makes going to a private college that much more enjoyable.”
-Beth Conley ’14

“I chose my Indiana private college because of small class sizes. My professors have gotten to know me as a student, and they value my opinions. When I accomplish something, I feel that I am contributing to the university. Many classes turn into student-driven discussions, and you end up learning as much from your peers as you do from your professors. And last but not least, my school has an exceptional merit scholarship program. My overall experience has helped me to become a self-confident individual.”
-Caroline Emhardt ’14

“I wanted to be in a class atmosphere where I could develop close relationships with my professors, so I would feel more like a student than a number. While I did look at a number of colleges in Indiana, I eventually chose a private college because of the smaller enrollment numbers, which result in classes where professors are allowed to know each student more personally.”
-Darrell McClarin ’14

“A private college offers a unique environment where the students and teachers both learn from one another. The small class sizes allow for individual attention and growth. A private college teaches its students how to be leaders in the community and the world, and it allows the students to get to know people on a personal level and not feel lost in the crowd.”
-Brandon Wadas ’14