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8 Things to Catch Up On Over Winter Break
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this is some writing to create a space Meet Chloe, one of our summer 2017 ICI Interns:I’m Chloe Alexander, a recent graduate of an ICI member campus, where I studied Communications and History. You’ll find me in a library, coffee shop, or thrift store. I speak primarily in English, but also in Spanish with a terrible accent, FRIENDS quotes, and Disney song lyrics. I strive to make my mark on the world by writing, traveling, reading, engaging in critical thinking, and enjoying the arts. Ask me about my adorable dog and I will talk to you for a minimum of an hour. 

 8 Things to Catch Up On Over Winter Break

December 20, 2017

Do you need to catch up on anything on this list?


1.   TV. Everyone knows that at least part of break should be spent binge-watching Netflix. So make sure you’re caught up on the latest episodes of your favorite show.

2.   Family time. You may miss your friends over the long break, but your family loves that you get to come home for the holidays! So kiss your mom, hug your grandpa, tease your siblings, and make sure you carve out enough time to hang out with them all over break.

3.   Sleep. Finals are finally over, and you may just need to sleep for 24 hours. That’s ok. Grab your favorite blanket and crawl into your own bed.

4.   Baking cookies. Some people really love to cook, and dorm rooms may not allow you to make your own meals very well. So gather up all your ingredients and bake enough to make the whole house smell like chocolate chip cookies.

5.   Administrative things. Lots of things fall through the cracks when you have to be focused on your schoolwork. Take this time to update your resume, write a piece for your personal blog, or update all your social media accounts.

6.   Your favorite author. Maybe that series you loved has a few more books now, and you just haven’t had the time to read them. Enjoy picking up a book to read for fun instead of your textbooks.

7.   Cuddles with your pet. Your pet loves you and missed you. So shamelessly cuddle with your dog or cat while watching Netflix.

8.   Home-cooked meals. You are probably extremely tired of dining hall food, so now is the time to request your favorite home-cooked meals. Your parents will most likely be happy to say yes.

Try your best to catch up on some of these great things, and enjoy the holidays! 

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