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5 Tips for Using LinkedIn
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5 Tips for Using LinkedIn

January 10, 2018

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for connecting with professionals. College students would be wise to take advantage of it now.


If you already have a LinkedIn account, that’s great! Here are a few tips that will take your profile that extra step.

1. Have a summary. This section is found at the very top of your profile, directly underneath your header image and title. A summary allows potential employers looking at your page to quickly get an idea of who you are. List your most important positions and accomplishments to make it really stand out.


2. Connect with everyone. Many students make the mistake of only connecting with people they know in person. Get rid of this habit! It’s ok to reach out to others. That is the point of a networking site! Is there a company you would love to work for? Follow them. An important influencer in your industry? Connect with them. What about an author, blogger, or anyone else who really inspires you? Connect with them. LinkedIn is all about building your network, and you can’t do that effectively if you only talk to people who you already know.


3. Make an effort to interact. Be sure that you’re talking and making your name seen on LinkedIn. Comment on a discussion that intrigues you. Take the time to read through articles that relate to your field or interests. Share those articles that revolutionize your thinking. Use the messaging feature to have conversations with people who you could learn from. The more that your name pops up on other’s feeds, the more that they will remember it. Making an effort to be active is important.

4.Widen your search criteria. LinkedIn is a great place to search for jobs. When looking for the perfect job, it’s easy to look only at jobs that you’ve had before, or ones that check off all of the skills on your resume. Try looking for something new. Maybe your skills could translate to a different industry than the one you’ve been working in. You could be qualified for a lot of jobs that you don’t know about because you are limiting your search to only positions that you know inside and out. Stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit could lead to an amazing opportunity.


5. Login at least twice a month. LinkedIn is much more than a place to post your resume online. Avoid creating a profile and then letting it sit there for six or eight months without touching it. Even if you’re not actively searching for a job, networking is important. As mentioned before, interacting with others is vital to your development as a young professional. So put a reminder on your calendar to login a couple times a month to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the LinkedIn world.


LinkedIn is an amazing tool that could help you to find internships, volunteering opportunities, or your first job after graduation! Beginning to build your profile while still in college is a great idea, and will help you to appear established as you begin looking for jobs after school. 


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