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Ways to Appreciate Your Professors
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Ways to Appreciate Your Professors

May 9, 2018

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Here are just a few suggestions on how you can show thanks to your teachers or professors.



Write them a note. It doesn’t take long to write a short note or card to your professor letting them know how much you are grateful for them. Be sincere and specific about the things they do that you enjoy in class or outside of it.


Buy them coffee/lunch. Buying your professor coffee is an easy gesture of thanks. Offer to treat them to coffee one day or invite them to grab lunch with you. Take the time to get to know them a little bit better and you might find even more reasons to be thankful for what they do! 


Be honest in evaluations. At the end of the semester you will be asked to complete class evaluations with questions about your professor or instructor. Being honest on these forms and providing genuine feedback is extremely helpful for your professors. Letting them know what they did great and graciously sharing how they can improve in their classes is an act that goes a long way.


Be present and prompt in class. Professors put a lot of work into preparing and teaching classes. Being attentive in class should be a given, but being intentional about giving them your best performance is a way to show teachers how much you appreciate them.


Encourage their activities. Professors often are involved on campus in ways beyond teaching courses. Maybe they are doing a guest lecture or hosting a special event. Making an effort to support them in these areas can show your appreciation. Attend special events. Buy the book they just published. Congratulate them when they are published in a new journal.

Tokens of appreciation. Small gifts are an appropriate of showing thanks. A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant, bringing their favorite coffee drink to class, or an acknowledgement on their birthday go a long way. We may not be able to offer much as college students, but the gesture is appreciated regardless.


Volunteer your time. Your professors may be grateful for the occasional offer of your time. Maybe you could help them set up the classroom for an activity or run to the library to make copies of a handout. Saving them just a few minutes before or after class might give your professor the opportunity to glance at their notes one more time before a lecture or go home a few minutes earlier.


Let them know their value. Many professors love to hear when they are making an influence in their student’s lives, so make sure you tell them! If there is a lesson that you have found to be extremely valuable or something they said that really made an impact on you, let them know! Teachers have poured a lot into time, energy, and resources into being a good teacher and impacting their students. When you tell them how much they have influenced you and what you’ve learned from them, they are extremely grateful.  


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