The 6-Step Perfect College Schedule

June 7, 2016

You would think registering for classes would be easy. You would be wrong.

Anything can happen: All of the core classes are offered as the same time as the classes in your major. The pre-requisite filled up, so now you have to take in next semester. Each semester you end up with an 8 a.m. on Friday.

Here are my best tips to get the perfect schedule.

1. Plan ahead.

Create a sheet of all the classes you need to take to graduate – from core classes to requirements for your major. This will let you see the big picture, even if it is scary at times. Consider adding notes like the pre-reqs each class needs or whether or not a class is only offered in the fall, so you can keep those things in mind when scheduling.

2. Find all the possibilities.

When looking for classes, find every class you can take and make a list. Write down all the sections and classes happening at the same times. This master list can come in handy if a course closes or gets canceled.

3. Create a dream schedule.

Choose the classes you really want to take, the ones from your favorite professors at the best times. This ideal schedule will serve as the starting point.

4. Double check.

Make sure your account has no holds on it from your advisor or from not paying your parking tickets. Then, make sure you know when your specific registration window is.

5. Schedule time to schedule.

Set an alarm for 15 minutes before your appointment to make sure you remember. If your scheduling window is during a class, email the professor to ask if you can use your laptop or step out quickly. If they say no, ask a friend to do it for you.

6. Redo everything (maybe).

About an hour or two before your window, check back into your shopping cart to see if all your classes are there. If not, refer back to the list of all the classes you can take to make a brand new schedule. It might not be perfect, but it will work.

Registering is stressful, but you cannot let it rule your life. Do not check every hour of every day to see how many classes are left. As you accumulate more credits, scheduling will get easier and easier. So at least there is something to look forward to!

Katie Goodrich

Meet Katie, the summer 2016 ICI intern: I’m Katie Goodrich, a senior journalism major at an ICI member campus. I believe in grammar, justice and the right to ice cream. I am fluent in English, sarcasm and gibberish. My talents include an incredible memory for ’90s song lyrics, power naps and having just enough bad luck to produce great anecdotes.