ICI Publications

ICI Publications: 2017-18 Guidebook

Your Best College Fit

Read profiles of the 30 independent campuses in Indiana, including statistics and supporting information on the quality, affordability, accessibility, and financial aid of each school. Also includes information about what makes independent higher education special and tips for making the financial aid process easier.

ICI Legislative Publications: Private Colleges, Public Good

ICI Legislative Brochure
Thirty for One

Explanation on the benefits of Indiana’s private, non-profit colleges and universities to students and to the state.

ICI Publications: Counselor Update

Counselor Update from ICI
E-Newsletter Archive

Interested in getting the latest news from Indiana’s private colleges and universities? What about having resources made just for high school counselors to use with students? We’ve got you covered.

Counselor Update from ICI is an email blast sent once a month from Jen Zentz, ICI’s director of strategic communications and counselor liaison. Our goal is to be a resource for high school counselors helping students get ready for college.